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Příspěvekod dako » ned 26. pro 2010 22:12:33

Helo users,

here you can discussions about CNG cars, practical experience and questions on the CNG filling stations and repair services in Czech Republic or you can discussions about alternative fuels.

Feel free to ask :)
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Příspěvekod » úte 28. pro 2010 18:42:04

Helo my dear Friends!

I'm Karol Wieczorek and I'm the headmaster of Polish CNG Forum -

I'm very happy, that our south Neighbours also follow this priceless place - where drivers may exchange their opinions, follow the problems and discuss about the future of CNG fuel at our part of Europe ;)

I invite you to visit our webpage - You may find there such kind of information:
- actual maps of CNG stations at Poland - in Polish and Ebglish language version
- maps of CNG stations of all central Europe coiuntries
- catalouge of NGV's (CNG vehicles) with original converton kits
- news about CNG market at Poland and Europe

I hope we may cooperate together. If you have any questions or problems, Polish coleuge may help you without any problem!

CNG in Poland

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