French petition "stop to all-diesel, for CNG in our car

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French petition "stop to all-diesel, for CNG in our car

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I add this topic here, due to our Friends with CNG vahicles in France. The topic is very important and should be a threat to each European country NGV market...


Here is the translation of a French citizens petition. ... s_voitures

Sign this petition
In France, big fishes have reserved CNG (compressed natural gas for vehicles) for themselves, whereas public has to face soaring prices of petroleum fuels, pollution, … We need you for better access of CNG fuel to the public, through reinforcing CNG public distribution network and removing regulatory locks affecting individuals/small enterprises.

Why this is important
In France, the public can only tank CNG at 36 stations. Moreover, some are difficult to access and/or often out of order. This is but too few.
In parallel, it has become forbidden for individuals to tank at home from town gas.

- We want more CNG public stations, accessible to everybody, and reliable !
- We want to be able again to tanke CNG at home !
- We want an official and up-to-date map (on governement portal) of all french public stations

Why ? For our purchasing power. For our health. For mitigating climate change, and for our future.

CNG fuel brings many advantages.
- It saves purchase power : 4 to 5€ per 100km at a very stable price, against 7€ and more for diesel/benzine whose prices burst so often
- It is cleaner : from well to wheel, it emits 4 times less particles than diesel equiped with particle filter, 6 times less NOx (irritating, toxic, allergenic, significant contributor to climate change), and 25 % less CO2/km.
- natural gas vehicles are ready for energy transition : by substituting fossil gaz by renewable « biogaz », one can drive « 100 % green » without having to change anything in car
- current vehicles range between 400 and 1000km, and it takes only 5 to 10 minutes to tank.

In Italie, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, … CNG light vehicle market displays a double-digit growth, in spite of dramatic decrease of car market. In these countries, there is about 1 public station per 50 000 inhabitants, not counting home tanking facilities.
In France, big fishes are keeping CNG for themselves. Big companies, either private or public, are installing their own CNG private CNG stations, with active support of institutional association AFGNV. CNG buses are most common, for instance.
But for individuals and small to medium companies, one has to cope with less than 1 station per ½ million inhabitant. And it is virtually impossible from legal point of view to tank at home.
Quite « normal » that CNG remains seldom known to public !
Think also about french public image displayed to european neighbors coming to France with a CNG vehicule... Especially knowing that France is claimed to be 1st touring destination of the world.

This must change, by giving at last to public a real alternative to omnipresent gasoil/petroleum, beyond the reduced perimeter of electric vehicle
(France2) Cash investigation - diesel : the dangerous french exception

(France5) Diesel : the french scandal ... 1404003430

Modest comparison fuel/oil/CNG/electric car, from well to wheel ... 4bWc#gid=2

Unofficial map of CNG & renewable CNG stations in France on ATEE association website
Like E85 agro-fuel & LPG (GPLc), CNG (GNV) stations and prices should appear on
CNG in Poland

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